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UboraWorks deploys technology solutions that help our clients set a new standard of excellence, and unlock previously unattainable levels of value.


Document Management Solutions

In the complex legal industry, the efficient management of digital files plays a crucial role – and goes hand-in-hand with accuracy and productivity. This has created a demand for Document Management Systems (DMSs) tailor-made to the specific needs of legal firms and departments.


At this point, it’s important to clarify just what we mean by a document management system. We all use cloud-based document storage applications like Google Docs, Dropbox, or OneDrive – but these are not true document management systems.


Unlike a simple document storage solution, a DMS aims to provide a more structured framework for document flow. It allows certain processes (like new file creation, indexing, or archiving) to be automated, while simultaneously enforcing firm-specific policies – like who can and can’t access certain files.

Organizational Rigor

One of the primary benefits of legal document management software is that it provides a rigorous, built-in organizational system for documents that guarantees consistency. Depending on your firm’s needs, UboraWorks can also deploy more robust systems which allow for document versioning, profiling, advanced access auditing, and more.

Search functionality

By allowing you to search both file titles and subject matter, a good DMS offers a remarkably efficient and streamlined way of accessing files – saving you time, hassle, and resources.

Access Control & Transparency

One of the most appealing features of DMS platforms is the ability to limit file access to specifically authorized individuals, as well as maintain detailed access record logs indicating precisely who accessed a file and when.


When sourcing the best DMS for one of our clients, automation is always high on our list of required features. The system should allow you to access whatever you need with just a few clicks, and quickly create new documents from customizable templates.

Data Privacy & Security

Law firms and legal departments by their very nature handle extremely sensitive information, and their clients need to be able to rely on them to keep their data safe and secure. One of the advantages of a cloud-based system is that it comes with cybersecurity and data protection measures far beyond the capacity of a single law firm to implement, especially compared with on-premises systems.


Furthermore, a good DMS platform specifically designed for the legal industry offers plenty of additional benefits – such as:

  • Improved collaboration

  • OCR conversion from scans (complete with search indexing features) 

  • Audit trails

  • Email Management tools

  • Enhanced cybersecurity features

  • Streamlined processes

  • Knowledge Management capabilities

  • Multi-level file organization

  • Option for key integrations with Office 365, e-discovery platforms, and more


For law firms and legal departments which need to comply with exacting industry regulations and standards, these additional benefits are invaluable.  


UboraWorks can help you source, implement, and get the most out of a tailored legal DMS that makes compliance simple.

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