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Integration Services

UboraWorks deploys technology solutions that help our clients set a new standard of excellence, and unlock previously unattainable levels of value.


Integration Services

In a world of constant and rapid-fire technological development, regulated industries such as law, finance, and healthcare continually have to deal with the risk of clerical, compliance, and security errors.


However, the threat of these risks can be significantly reduced by integrating the multiple platforms most of these businesses typically run on. Legal entities in particular often employ several platforms to run their businesses.


Integration services are all about enabling these different applications to communicate and share information.


Connection, communication, and integration are achieved through Application Programming Interfaces, commonly known as APIs. An API acts as an intermediary ‘layer’ that facilitates and processes the smooth transfer of data between systems. 

It’s crucial to employ the most appropriate APIs to make sure that all these platforms communicate quickly and efficiently - saving you both time and money. The right API also helps ensure there are no bugs or data silos that compromise efficiency lurking within your organization’s software.


UboraWorks will be your expert guide throughout this integration process.

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